Thursday, 23.January 2014

Modern Browsers give us access to all kinds of HTML5 and CSS3 goodies. One that gained a lot of momentum are CSS transitions. And they're start spreading like wildfire. Transitions enable us to animate page elements in a very smooth and elegant way without having to write one single line of JavaScript code. Finally CSS works how it should work and becomes an extremely powerful tool instead of "just the thing that makes websites look pretty".

Let me show you two quick examples how you can replace your JavaScript animations with CSS transitions today!

Sunday, 03.November 2013

These are amazing times to design the web, folks. Over are the days, when we used to slice our screen design and tweaked images into our web page just to achieve some rounded corners or background gradients. No more do we have to rely on unnecessary JavaScript functions just to get a smooth transiton into our :hover states. No more text image replacement because we weren't able to use a font of choice and make it look the way we want it to look.

Still I meet professionals that hesitate to use those modern CSS tools just because they fear a lack of browser support. But that fear is unjustified in these days. Today I want to show you some best practices that I use in my everyday work where I don't really have to worry about browser support anymore. 

Saturday, 02.November 2013

Groceries is a very simple shopping list WebApp for the primarily usage on mobile devices. It is build upon Angular.js and jQuery Mobile. Developers can fork it on GitHub.

Note: This app is not yet completed. I'm still looking for professional advice on how to integrate IndexedDB storage in Angular.js considering multiple controllers. If you know how to do this - feel free to contact me!

Take a look at the result as you read on into this article.

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